Ofsted DBS Application Portal

Step One – Understanding the process

You should have received correspondence from Ofsted asking you to proceed with your Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application. If you have not received any correspondence, do not proceed any further with eBulkPlus at Security Watchdog, part of Capita plc.

Please note you must read and complete all four steps for your DBS application to be successful. If you fail to follow all four steps, this will cause a delay in your DBS application and Ofsted registration.

Read and understand Ofsted's 'Guide to Registration'
Read and understand our Role Guidance and Volunteer Guidance
Track progress of Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application
Register for the DBS Update Service

How to make a DBS application

In order to apply for a DBS application, you must have a 'Capita Organisation Reference'. This will be one of the below:

  • "OfSTEDP" - for those applying for or linked to a new EY application for registration. This includes everyone that makes up the registered person; the nominated person and manager of a child care setting; any staff or persons caring for children; and any household members of those aged 16 years and over who are connected to a childminding application.
  • "OfSTEDA" - for those applying to be associated to a provision that is already registered. This includes changes to any of the above.

Please leave the password section blank.

Please now proceed to Step Two.

Step One

Understand each of the steps and actions required to make a DBS application.

Step Two

Online e-Bulk application completed and payment made.

Step Three

ID check and ICF or Post Office form completed and signed by Responsible Person.