Ofsted DBS Application Portal

Step One – Understanding the process

You should have received correspondence asking you to contact Capita in order to proceed with your Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application. If you have not received any correspondence, do not proceed any further with Capita.

Please note you must read and complete Step One, Step Two and Step Three for your DBS application to be successful. If you fail to follow all three steps, this will cause a delay in your DBS application.

Role Guidance

You have been directed to this site as you require a DBS check either as part of an application to register with Ofsted, or to be linked to an already registered provider of childcare or children's social care. This site is solely for individuals that Ofsted have a legal duty to carry out suitability checks on.

This site is only for individuals applying for one of the following roles:

  • a childminder
  • an individual who lives or works on domestic premises where childcare takes place, for example the partner of a childminder
  • a childminding assistant
  • a home-childcarer, also known as a nanny
  • the nominated person representing an organisation providing childcare
  • a registered individual (such as a committee member, director or trustee) forming part of an organisation providing childcare
  • a sole proprietor of childcare or children's social care
  • a member of a partnership providing childcare or children's social care
  • the responsible individual representing an organisation providing children's social care
  • the registered manager of a social care provision, such as a children's home

If you require further guidance regarding the role or eligibility please click here.

How to make a DBS application

  1. Have you been supplied with a "Capita organisation reference" (Please note this is not your Ofsted registration number) to enable you to login to the online DBS system e-Bulk. Please leave the password section blank.

    • If Yes, please proceed;
    • if No, please do not contact Capita to obtain this information as we are unable to supply these details. This information can be found in your relevant 'Guide To Registration' on the Ofsted website
  2. Complete your ‘online DBS application’ via Capita e-Bulk. Please ensure you have credit/debit card to hand as these are the only payment methods available.
  3. Complete the ID check and return your ‘Identification Checking Form’ or ‘ID Checking Service Form’ to Capita.

*Each of these steps are detailed thoroughly, and can be viewed by clicking on the relevant step on the left of the page.

Step One

Understand each of the steps and actions required to make a DBS application.

Step Two

Online e-Bulk application completed and payment made.

Step Three

ID check and ICF or Post Office form completed and signed by Responsible Person.